Swissmooh, Fromage à Raclette en Tranches (200 g*2)

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200 g*2

Origine: Suisse

Conservation: Réfrigérateur


Slices of semi hard Swiss cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk, famed for its excellent melting properties. Matured in its natural rind for 2-3 months and with an aromatic, piquant bite, the cheese is traditionally melted then scraped over potatoes and cold cuts, creating a dish of the same name: raclette. Rindless. Genuine Swiss cheese made using 100% Swiss milk by swissmooh, a company wholly owned by Switzerland’s leading independent dairy farmers association – mooh – which traces it’s roots back to 1905, when dairy farmers in northeastern Switzerland founded the cooperative Milchverband Winterthur. Animal rennet.

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