Swissmooh, Fondue Savoyarde


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400 g

Origine: Suisse

Conservation: Réfrigérateur


Intensely cheesy sauce – made from Swiss cheese, white wine, kirsch (Swiss cherry brandy), spices and more – that makes enjoying a classic fondue much easier. To prepare simply open the packaging and pour the cheese into a heavy bottomed pan. Melt on the stovetop until the cheese begins to bubble gently, stirring continuously until it becomes light and creamy. To serve, place the pan over a lamp or burner – to keep the fondue bubbling at the table – and accompany with cubes of bread, crudités and individual forks. Add nutmeg, pepper, garlic or paprika to taste. Genuine Swiss cheese made using 100% Swiss milk by swissmooh, a company wholly owned by Switzerland’s leading independent dairy farmers association – mooh – which traces it’s roots back to 1905, when dairy farmers in northeastern Switzerland founded the cooperative Milchverband Winterthur.

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