Poitrine de Bœuf en Dés (M4 & M8-9)



400 g

Origine: Australie



A mix of differently graded pieces of conveniently diced brisket – pieces of M4 and pieces of M8-9 meat – a relatively firm cut that becomes moist and tender when slow cooked and therefore great for stews. Cut from 100% purebred Wagyu cattle that graze cattle stations in western New South Wales, near Dubbo, before being grain fed for 600 days, for superb marbling. 2GR is a 100% Australian owned Wagyu specialist, focusing on exports to Asia. The ‘marbling’ of Wagyu beef refers to the visible specks of white fat that are characteristic of the breed. The ‘M’ grading system is part of AUS-MEAT’s quality grading system and, running from 0-9 – with 9 indicating a high degree of marbling – is a subjective measure that takes into account the quantity, distribution and texture of visible fat. Hormone and antibiotic free. Product arrives frozen.

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