Frozen IS Seafood Icelandic Cod Loin (Skinless)

Wild & additive free


Same day delivery in Shanghai for orders placed before 13:00.

600g (4 pcs)

Origin: Iceland

Storage: Keep frozen


4 pieces of skinless cod – a mild white fish with flaky flesh fished from the deep cold waters of Iceland – cut from the loin: the middle third of the fillet, which is slightly fattier and has a richer flavor. An excellent source of protein, B12, selenium, phosphorus and hard to obtain iodine, simply bake with herbs or cook into light bisques and stews. A heart healthy food. Founded by Icelander Birgir Stefansson, who grew up working Nordic fishing vessels and first came to China in 2005, IS Seafood fishes the oceans of the high northern hemisphere around Iceland – one of the last untouched expanses of water in the world. While all IS Seafood fish is 100% wild and free from additives, the company’s policies ensure that its catches don’t place undue pressure on the ecosystem, allowing shoals the time they need to flourish. Each catch is processed and frozen within 2-4 hours of being caught. Product arrives frozen.

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