BIOFarm Organic Cauliflower

OFDC certified


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400 g

Origin: Shanghai

Storage: Keep refrigerated


A member of the brassica family related to broccoli and cabbage, a single head of cauliflower is made up of many tightly packed florets that have a firm, slightly creamy, slightly waxy texture – although be warned, cauliflower is very easily overcooked to an unpleasant mush – with a mild flavor. High in dietary fiber, folate and vitamin C, enjoy curried with spiced rice and lentils, as a cheesy gratin, roasted with coriander, or baked with Parmesan sauce. Certified organic by OFDC – the Organic Food Development & Certification Center of China. From their farm located in Chuansha New Town, east Pudong New District, BIOFarm is one of Shanghai’s original organic farms, founded in 2004. Growing over 300 varieties of organic veggies, their produce can be found in almost every 5 star hotel in Shanghai. BIOFarm is a transparent organic farm, open to the public every weekend.

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