Ginkgo Nuts

Eaten in congee


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Origin: Shandong

Storage: Keep refrigerated


A little like pistachios to look at and chewy when cooked – often eaten in Chinese congee – the taste of the gingko nut varies from faintly bitter to popcorn like. Attributed with medicinal and even aphrodisiac properties, boil in salted water for 10 minutes, rinse under cold water, squash with the flat side of a knife to crack the shell then remove the papery outer skin. Alternatively, fry in oil over a medium heat until the shell splits. Leave to cool and remove the shell and outer skin. Do not allow children to eat more than 5 ginkgo nuts per day; adults should not eat more than 8 per day. If you are allergic to mangoes and cashew nuts, do not eat ginkgo nuts.

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