Excel Canadian AAA Beef Sirloin Steak

Grain fed (180 days)

¥49 ¥66

Same day delivery in Shanghai for orders placed before 13:00.

200 g

Origin: Canada

Storage: Keep frozen


Sirloin steak – also called New York strip, porterhouse or striploin – is a tender cut from the short loin of the cow. With little need to marinate, simply grill, broil or pan fry: fry over a high heat, turning once and avoiding pressing down, then allow to rest before serving. From Brahman beef cattle – a breed of zebu cattle that’s known for its resilience, with a trademark hump on the shoulder – grain fed for 180 days, for enhanced marbling. Rated Canadian AAA, a high quality category that indicates small amounts of visible marbling and juicy tender meat. (The Canadian beef rating system runs from single A to Prime.) Hormone and antibiotic free. Product arrives frozen.

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