forganic Broccoli

Nanjing National Organic Certification


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300 g

Origin: Shanghai

Storage: Keep refrigerated


A brassica like cauliflower and cabbage, broccoli’s thick stems and dense clusters of green buds have a vegetal, faintly bitter taste. Steam, boil or stir-fry but take extra care since it’s very easy to overcook, resulting in a mushy, sloppy texture. A rich source of vitamin A and dietary fiber plus calcium, iron and potassium. forganic vegetables are the result of a partnership between FIELDS and 2 of Shanghai’s leading organic suppliers: Foodpedia and Zhongsui Farm. Headquartered in north Shanghai’s Anting Ecological Park, Jiading district, Foodpedia has growing sites across the country, allowing it to bring produce to market year round. Zhongsui Farm is located in West Shanghai’s Qingpu district and certified by the International Foundation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). With all produce grown without relying on artificial chemicals and fertilizers, crop rotation ensures that the ground isn’t overworked, allowing nature the time and space she needs to add fertility back to the soil. All produce holds Nanjing National Organic Certification.

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